You know what's good? Good food, that's what's good!
You know what's not good?
This post, this post is not good. 
So let's just focus on the good!
The real reason we all miss being a kid
Cheers to all the things!
Advertised as "an antidote to physical exhaustion" in 16th century France, the word "restaurant" (meaning "[something] restoring") was first used for the comforting food we now know as "soup". Conclusion: Soup is medicine.
Dosage: 1-2 spoonfuls, followed by 1-2 spoonfuls (repeat until bowl is empty)
Side affects include: pleasant taste in mouth, warmth in the belly, quenched appetite, overwhelming urge to smile.
You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream (served on top of a warm chocolate brownie, drizzled with salted caramel, strawberry reduction, resting with fresh fruit and whip cream)
Now stop screaming, and start eating, you are beginning to make a scene.
Add a little colour to the end of your fork, it'll do you wonders.......and it just looks better too!
Lamb meatballs reinvented.
Seasoned the same as before, but now in a Roma tomato sauce with happy little bocconcini and flat bread, served in a mini cast iron pan to keep them at the perfect temperature.
Play hard, eat well, repeat!
When the weather won't cooperate with patio plans, you can always be assured that the scenery inside will satisfy your gazing needs. Our ever changing artwork by some very talented local  artists adds to the cozy home-like feel. Get comfortable with friends and take in all the delicious art......and food.
The sun has arrived, and we ordered extra rays for our patio.
Join us for some delicious food and sun-quenching beverages!
Happy looooooong weekend!
If you are going to dance, do a sun-dance, our patio is primed and ready!
(We have more seating than is shown, it's harder than you think to take a photo while crawling up the bushes)
We've fixed up a new summer menu and are excited to share it with you.
See you this Saturday the 13th!
I hope you missed us as much as we have missed you!
Join us as we declare OPEN season on delicious food, tasty cocktails and our beautiful patio, this Saturday, May 13th.
Tell your friends! (Or just bring them with you)
Thank you for such a great winter season!
Join us tonight for one more meal. Remember we will be temporarily closed until May 13th, but during our little break, if you ever start to miss us, just watch this little moving picture show to keep those tastebuds alive and well!
Although it still feels like winter up @kickinghorsemtn we at Eleven22 are getting ready for spring. That means we will be closing for a few weeks to prepare for the summer, including a new menu.
So try and make it in soon, as Saturday the 15th of April is the last day until we reopen on the 13th of May.
Enjoy the transition time!
A little history behind Eleven22 Restaurant (previously named "Sisters and Beans")
Owned and operated by the same family for 23 years and counting.
Did someone say Mochatini?!
Oh, maybe they should! (It would sound best after "can I get you anything to drink")
You don't need a special occasion to enjoy good food. Enjoying good food can be a special occasion all on its own.